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Welcome to SOROR, a space dedicated to wellness workshops and weekends for women. My name is Gwendoline, I am 32, I live in Mayenne, France, with my family, and I am passionate about personal fulfilment and self-growth through transformative experiences. The workshops I offer are designed to help you find your true potential, to boost your self-confidence, and to create the life that you deserve thanks to all of your already existing inner ressources

Whether you are looking for tools to overcome the challenges of life, develop competences or simply connect to your inner self, you will fond the workshop that is for you. Kindness, sharing, growth and care are at the heart of all of my meet-ups. 

Get ready for an inspiring and rewarding self-discovery journey!

It's the meaning of the latin word sororio: grow together, like sisters, that I aspire to give life to in real life.

For that, I have different formats: 

  • wellness workshops, that are a mix of talking and sharing and self-growth tools, focused on specific themes, and that aim to the women who are taking part to go home with techniques to be happier in their daily life, which are held here in Mayenne, or online ;

  • full days dedicated to wellness, to take care of yourself throughout a whole day, and recharge your battery to 100% ;

  • and very soon, retreats over a weekend, for you to fully let go of your daily life and connect to your inner self.

A few words about me

I am French, I grew up in Normandy, near the sea, where, as a teenager, I used to want to be a psychologist. In the end, I took a complete different path in university, and ended up graduating in a field that wasn't fulfilling, international marketing. After several experiences in retail and wedding planning, my own experience with self-help and personal growth, as well as motherhood, led me to go back to my former aspirations, accompanying people towards emotional well-being. I was trained in Facilitation of groups of women by Chez Soi in 2023 in Paris, and I also followed other courses, notably in self-massaging and coaching techniques, that I use during my workshops.

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What this is not

I am not a therapist, a psychologist, or a doctor. The help and guidance I provide through the circles and the retreats is for wellness purposes, and therefore can help you feel better, can help you work on your own issues, but it does not replace a therapy. I highly recommend you get in touch with a qualified mental health professional if you feel the need to. 


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