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What kind of wellness workshops?

The workshops I offer are made of moments of sharing, self-development tools, and wellness techniques. They are moments guided by kindness, compassionate listening and confidentiality. Backed by the principle of sisterhood, I wish for the women who come to my workshops to feel safe to talk about their true feelings and what is on their mind without being judged, and for them to find support and care. I aim to reconnect women, to themselves and between each other.

How does it work?

Depending on the format, the workshops can welcome up to 12 women. They are made up of different phases, from self-help exercises, introspection, sharing, creativity, to body awareness and awakening. Each meet-up also offers at least one moment that is more laid back, for just chatting to the other women around a cup of tea and a piece of cake. If you want to know more, feel free to look up the program of each specific meet-up in the Agenda page

Who can participate?

Taking part to a circle is a special moment that you choose to gift yourself, there is no condition, you only need to want to be there, and to share this moment with other women.

What if I'm not geographically close by? 

I also hold online women circles, and full weekend retreats, with accommodation. You can find them on the Agenda page. The circles in English will show **ENGLISH** at the beginning of the event name.

Practical infos

The workshops and weekends are held at château de la Basmaignée, Montenay, Mayenne, France. 

Indicative durations and rates:

  • Circle at the château: 2h30 to 3h - 35€

  • Half days workshops: 4h - 45€

  • Full days workshops: 7 to 8h - 85€ (lunch included)

  • Weekend retreats: Friday evening until Sunday afternoon - approximately 400€, depending on the program and your accommodation preferences (breakfasts, meals and accommodation included)

  • Online circles: 2h - 25€​

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Want to try?

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