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Self care days

Self care days are held on the weekend, on Saturdays or Sundays at château de la Basmaignée, Mayenne.

For each of these special days, it's with immense care that I elaborate a program dedicated to make you feel cared for and pampered from the moment of your arrival until you go home.

Each self care day is crafted with thought, together with partners that I know and whose work I admire. We put together our knowledge and our savoir-faire, in order to provide you with the most relaxing and recentering moment.

These days are similar to short retreats, always include a circle, lunch, snacks, and the program is completed depending on the theme and the practitioner that I work with.


For a minimal length of 6hours, prices start from 70€ for the day per person (depending on the program and the activities of the day), and include everything except for your transport here and back.

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